Philip Sidney Consultancy firm thrives on skill and creativity. Therefore, we believe that one of the best ways to give back to our community is by supporting educational initiatives. This year, we focus our Corporate Social Responsibility efforts on Youth Empowerment in our endeavour to develop the Netherlands student community.

Philip Sidney in collaboration with VNO NCW is supporting the long-term efforts of a non-profit foundation, JINC, on empowering young people through employment skills development for VMBO students.

Philip Sidney’s founding partner, Gert Demmink, will be on site in Amsterdam to provide VBMO students of College De Meer with the necessary training as part of a career development programme to equip vocational students with marketable skills so as to secure future employment.

Gert said he would be working closely with the vocational students tomorrow (March 1st) to develop their resume writing and interviewing skills. Under the initiative dubbed ‘Solicitatietraining’, businesses and other professionals provide students with the necessary training to polish their skills for employment. At the same time this addresses issues of employment and entrepreneurship development, he added.

Gaining access to work is the best way for youths from low-income neighbourhoods realise their aspirations, improve their living condition and actively participate in society. I believe this initiative provides the right combination of motivation, opportunity and capacity building to empower youth to contend in an increasingly competitive Dutch labour market,”

JINC has been working in this area since 2003, developing programmes that aim to increase the employability of youths from low-income neighbourhoods and to tap into their entrepreneurial spirit. Its long-term initiatives have garnered support from many corporations and organisations in the Netherlands.